Web vulnerability diagnostic service

Diagnostic experts perform and review web application’s security using Sparrow DAST and provide fix guides.

진단 전문가 제공 웹 취약점 분석 및 진단
스패로우 웹취약점 분석 도구 활용
Perform automated analysis
  • Perform web vulnerability analysis using Sparrow DAST
고객 환경에 맞는 맞춤형 서비스 제공
Provide customized services
  • Diagnostic specialist’s review of the source code results
  • Provide a guide to fixing web vulnerabilities through meetings
SW 보안약점 진단원 진행 웹취약점 진단 서비스
Diagnostic experts
  • Teams of diagnostic specialists with 'SW security vulnerability diagnosis' qualification
  • Provide fast and accurate diagnostic service with a large number of diagnostic experts
웹 애플리케이션 내 보안 취약점 진단
Identify the status of vulnerabilities in web applications
개발 애플리케이션의 안전성 강화
Strengthen the security of newly developing and operating web applications
수정 가이드 및 이행 점검
Comply with rapidly changing security and quality requirements
  • Determine consultation criteria and analysis target
  • Installation of diagnostic tools
1st diagnosis
  • Analysis of 1st diagnosis
  • Provide primary results reviews, statistics and fix guides
1st supplementary measure
  • Vulnerability fix
2nd diagnosis (Implementation check)
  • Analysis of 2nd diagnosis
  • Provide second diagnosis results reviews, statistics, and fix guides
2nd supplementary measure
  • Complete diagnostic service
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