Penetration testing service

Provide solutions to prevent security incidents and hacking threats that may caused by vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing service
Automated pen testing via Sparrow AST solutions
Pen testing methods
  • Automated and manual diagnostics
  • Attempts to penetrate based on internal and external penetration testing scenarios that match the characteristics of the enterprise
Pen testing based on global compliance standards
Pen Testing criteria
  • Vulnerability analysis and evaluation criteria of major IT infrastructure
  • Vulnerability analysis and evaluation criteria of financial sector
  • OWASP Top 10
  • NIS 8 web server vulnerability
Systematic pen testing
Systematic pen testing methodology
  • Internal pen testing methodology
  • External pen testing methodology
  • Mobile analysis methodology
Vulnerability assessment
Improve security of web applications and systems
Ethical hacking
Improve security response capability
penetration testing
Enhance brand image
  • Select target range
Pen test
  • Perform pen testing based on various scenarios
Vulnerability analysis
  • Review detected vulnerabilities and develop an action plan
Service complete
  • Provide countermeasures and plan to minimize the risks
  • Provide results reports
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