Manage security on a single interactive platform

Integrate and manage security vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC.

도구간 검출 정보 통합 관리 가능
  • Enable to manage security vulnerabilities detected during development, testing, operation of web application
검출 취약점 연관 정보 관리 및 상호작용
  • Enable interaction among various application security testing tools
  • Enable each AST tools to use the stored interaction information to improve efficiency and performance
연관정보 관리 가능
  • Improve performance and remediation process by providing associated information among vulnerabilities detected by SAST, DAST, and RASP
Key Feature
취약점 통합 관리 가능
Integrated management
  • Gather analysis results of AST tools and classifies them by type (providing statistics, indicators, trend graphs, etc.)
  • Generate risk index and identify risk levels by analyzing vulnerability analysis results
  • Provide API to work with various vulnerability analysis tools
취약점간 연관 정보 관리 가능
Vulnerability correlation
  • Identify the same vulnerability among the detection results of different tools and allow users to overview various detailed vulnerability information from various tools at once
  • Identify source code associated information and vulnerabilities that cause the vulnerability
취약점 검출력 향상
Improve performance
  • Provide API that can enable interaction among application security testing tools
  • Provide API for storing various data generated by application security testing tools as interaction information (that can be used in other solutions)
  • Improve vulnerability detection by using stored interaction information from other tools
Use Case
Enable integration, integrated management and interaction among various application tools
How to purchase
Annual license, Per OS
Supported Environment
Category Details
Windows Server 2000 or higher
Redhat Linux 5 or higher
CentOS 5 or higher
Ubuntu 8.04 or higher
Fedora 8 or higher
PostgreSQL (Embedded)
Hardware Specification
Category Details
Dual Core 2GHz or faster
2GB or larger
100GB or larger