Web vulnerability diagnostic service
Diagnostic experts perform and review web application’s security using Sparrow DAST and provide fix guides.
Perform automated analysis
  • Perform web vulnerability analysis using Sparrow DAST
Provide customized services
  • Diagnostic specialist’s review of the source code results
  • Provide a guide to fixing web vulnerabilities through meetings
Diagnostic experts
  • Teams of diagnostic specialists with 'SW security vulnerability diagnosis' qualification
  • Provide fast and accurate diagnostic service with a large number of diagnostic experts
Identify the status of vulnerabilities in web applications
Strengthen the security of newly developing and operating web applications
Comply with rapidly changing security and quality requirements
  • Determine consultation criteria and analysis target
  • Installation of diagnostic tools
1st diagnosis
  • Analysis of 1st diagnosis
  • Provide primary results reviews, statistics and fix guides
1st supplementary measure
  • Vulnerability fix
2nd diagnosis (Implementation check)
  • Analysis of 2nd diagnosis
  • Provide second diagnosis results reviews, statistics, and fix guides
2nd supplementary measure
  • Complete diagnostic service
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